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KAMLife Mission

"To nurture the body, the mind and all the elements involved in life's everyday challenges. We understand without your pure health, goals, and dreams your life's successes can be derailed significantly.  Therefore, our efforts focus on making those dreams a reality by pushing you physically, mentally and progressively to create a beautiful body and an ultimate lifestyle change for you and your family."

Work schedules, including time at work and longer commutes, have taken a toll on all of us. This caveat we have been presented with allows us to acomplish more by moving less. This is a virtue as well as a curse. KAMLife is here to work with your inundated schedules to ensure that energy expenditure is part of your daily lifestyle.

Functional Movement

Anything in this world can be achieved with Hard Work, Balance, and Strategic Time Management. KAMLife wants to be that liaison for you. We understand that staying healthy, staying balanced, and having a clear mind will help you focus on all of life's work and the daily challenges.


Sports Specific

Baby Boomers (Born 1946-64) are leading the workout charge. Based on the lastest findings, Boomers make up more than 50% of clients who are gym members and purchase personal training. Generation X (Born 1965-80) is next at 23%. Pre/Post World War II (prior to 1945) makes up less than 12%. Last is everyone else which includes Generation Y (Born 1981-93) and Millennials (1994-Present) at 10-15%.

Muscle Sculpting
What's the significance of this finding? You are never too old to reactivate some of those muscle fibers, and there's always activity and leisure exercise that can be done from your youth throughout your later years.

"You're never too old to reactivate

some of those muscle fibers."


Longevity Training



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Khalid McLeod, MS.,NASM, ACE, NCCPT, NCSF-CEU Provider,

International Speaker

Conditioning Specialist

Nutrition Consultant

Cell:+1 443 803 3785

Sherry Kistler, BS., NASM, NCCPT, NCSF-CEU Provider,

Director of Sales and Marketing

Certified Personal Trainer

Cell:+1 703 801 4569


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KAMLife Motto

"KAMLife's Motto is to maintain your health and natural beauty and allow you to maximize your endeavors while enhancing your growth and opportunities to do many things during your lifetime. Furthermore, attaining your health will allow you to utilize these opportunities to gain experiences, with this experience you gain knowledge and utilizing that knowledge is wisdom."